IIEP-UNESCO launches Short Course on Gender-Responsive Educational Planning in English

IIEP-UNESCO Dakar launched a Short Course on Gender Responsive Educational Planning in October 2021 in line with its strategy and commitment to reducing inequalities in education, as technical lead for the Gender at the Centre Initiative (GCI).

More than 50 participants from 21 English-speaking African countries are enrolled.

The Short Course on Gender-Responsive Educational Planning aims to strengthen the capacity of executives and managers to carry out and apply gender analysis  in and through education sector planning. A French version of the course took place in 2020.

The course targets participants from English-speaking African countries involved in the formulation, planning and implementation of education policies, with a view to promoting gender equality in decision-making, planning and management of education.

At the end of the course participants should be able to:

- Understand and explain the issues and challenges of gender equality in and through education;

- Identify and analyse the school-based and non-school factors that cause gender disparities in education and establish links between gender norms and gender disparities in education;

- Identify relevant indicators (quantitative and qualitative) and data sources and analyse them;

- Explain the policy planning process and identify concrete strategies and actions to address gender disparities in education.