• PôleMag n°30 - Education : Dealing with Demographic Challenges
    In 2021, more than a quarter of the African population will be of school age. We need to invest now in the education of those who will have the future of the continent in their hands tomorrow.
  • PôleMag n°29 - Enhancing Education Quality Management
    Millions of children around the world complete primary education each year without having acquired a basic foundation of skills. How can we help children learn?
  • PôleMag n°28 - Financing Education
    To ensure quality education for all in the poorest countries, $40 billion is needed each year. Where can additional funding for education be found?
  • PôleMag n°27 - Reducing the impact of crises
    Education systems are rarely adequately prepared to deal with emergencies. How do we deal with crises? How can we improve the capacity of systems to better cope with their impact?
  • PôleMag n°26 - Revising Vocational Training
    African countries are facing massive population growth. The number of young people on the continent is expected to double by 2045, putting unprecedented pressure on the labour market.
  • Pole mag
    Pôle Mag n°25 - Developing capacities
    Throughout the education policy cycle, our vision is to act as a facilitator, helping national actors to identify their capacity development challenges.
  • Pôle Mag n°24 - Teacher Allocation
    Allocating teachers in a more coherent way means finding room for maneuver to improve the whole system.